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About Platform

GCA connects a wide range of stakeholders in the compostable packaging industry where we intend to create a breadth of impact in servicing and allowing users to learn, interact and solutionize under one platform.

Platform Vision

To provide a technology platform to grow the compostables packaging ecosystem; allowing industry experts to come together to exchange ideas, collaborate on solutions and network with each other; creating a ripple effect to scale the industry at large.

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Attributes of our Platform

The Community aims to bring together compostable packaging practitioners with common issues and ambitions to share challenges, discuss current trends, and exchange information on emerging best practices. We manage the process of creating and maintaining a space for productive discussions among the community members. When users are brought together in a community to discuss new ideas or address problems, unexpected solutions are often the result.

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub is a resource library for compostable packaging practitioners wanting to scale the industry at large and be able to make the right strategic and operational decisions. The primary goal of Knowledge Hub is to equip the platform users with practical and theoretical information ranging from blog posts, podcasts, and news articles to research papers, events, multimedia videos, and learning & development courses. The resources available on the platform have been curated by our team specifically to address the compostable industry. Users also have the flexibility to start a discussion based on the content available on the Knowledge Hub in order to gain valuable insights from their fellow users.


The solutionizer is a curated database of entities in the compostable packaging industry including innovators, manufacturers, universities and secondary stakeholders, with the ability to search, filter and connect the ecosystem.It is a user-friendly, algorithm-driven approach to narrow down member’s problem statement, and to connect them with service providers who can cater to their needs by providing assistance in fundraising, innovation, supply chain management and business growth. It is a one stop solution for the user that would connect you with the most accurate secondary stakeholders.

Automated testing and support

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Benefits of the Platform

To be the collaborator of choice for all stakeholders in the compostables packaging industry, enabling solutionizing across the lifecycle of the customers’ business

  • 1. Keep up-to-date with the latest industry news – articles written by the community, research papers, case studies and podcasts – all relating to the compostables packaging industry; both by GCA and our community members
  • 2. Connect and communicate with peer group of compostable packaging experts through a series of community posts, networking events and blogs – where ideas are born, exchanged and implemented
  • 3. Find out about the latest announcements and events in the industry – both online and in-person - with the ability to register for all events as well as to be able to share event details within your network