Business Growth

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together – James Cash Penny
Business Growth admin February 6, 2020
Our vision
In the early days of establishing an organisation in this industry, entrepreneurs face a multitude of challenges in creating an impact, without the right support structure to go global. GCA Business Growth consulting team aims to work with your business to help set up long-term strategies around branding, marketing, business development and technology, enabling you to propel your innovations and products to the global markets.
The compostables packaging industry is at a very nascent stage of growth, with various stakeholders in the ecosystem working in silos in their vision to contribute towards a greener and cleaner planet.
How do we serve our customer ?

In order to play our part in enabling the inception, scale and success of our customers, we need to work across both dimensions of our industry – depth of impact with specific customers; as well as breadth of impact across the industry.

What we offer ?
Branding and marketing
Business development
Internal controls
In-depth about our offerings.

Our deep-rooted cause to leave the planet a better place for future generations, allows us to work with your team to brainstorm, create and propagate powerful brand messaging, coupled with the right marketing strategies, to bring your innovations to the forefront of the compostables packaging industry. We combine the principles of working market-backwards, creating a brand identity and innovative marketing strategies, to assist you in building brands.

Our global network across the compostables packaging stakeholder spectrum will help you open up a world of opportunities to take your products to the market. Our business development consultants will work with your team in creating the right product collaterals, building a strong sales pipeline and setting up a customer-centric process for managing the end-to-end lifecycle of customer relationships, through a combination of a well-prepared team of executives and the right technology integrations.

Some of our projects include
  • Identify, through a combination of primary and secondary research, market positioning of customers and their products
  • Support in determining branding and marketing strategies, and connect with brand agencies
  • Set up of internal systems and technologies to support and scale business activities
  • Determine market penetration strategies, and connect with appropriate channel partners – distributors, consumers and e-commerce solution providers