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Innovation admin April 22, 2022
Our Vision
At GCA’s Innovations team, we are envisioning a sustainable future by collaborating to create regenerative packaging. There are breakthrough innovations which are currently happening in the compostable materials space across the globe and we want to bring these amazing products to the masses!
Most consumers now consider sustainability as a key part of their decision-making process in purchasing products. More than 75% are looking for brands that are sustainable, and more than 70% are willing to pay a premium for it (study by IBM Institute for Business Value).
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Innovation and collaboration:

The compostable packaging industry is working within a fragmented framework wherein there is a lack of guidance to help organizations create the right framework to make strategic sustainable packaging decisions. To build a sustainable future we need to move beyond small-scale and incremental improvements and achieve a systemic shift. This can only happen through global collaboration initiative that matches the scale of the challenge.

Innovation and transition towards a new Economy must be driven by joint, urgent and collaborative initiatives across innovators, academia, manufacturers

Our mission would be to support innovators and organizations in

▪ Improving the impact of their products

▪ Providing the data and expertise they need to enable responsible development, production, use and marketing of compostable products

What we offer?
Materials Formulation
Product Development
Testing & Certifications
Where are we heading toward ?

We at GCA are looking at building solutions for the future by working with the innovators, manufacturers and consumers of compostable packaging, primarily focused on the F&B and FMCG industries, to help create a positive impact on the environment.

We demystify new trends in material science by helping you identify the right material that meets your performance, applications and sustainability objectives.

Some of our projects include
  • Identify appropriate materials and composites, and determine material formulations including undertaking LCA assessments
  • Provide testing and certification frameworks, and connect with appropriate service providers
  • Provide connects to accelerator and incubation programmes to help accelerate growth of POC/prototype stage customers to get market-ready
  • Provide support in patent applications, including assessment of market readiness for patents and connect with appropriate legal services
  • Determine appropriate product-market fit, and provide appropriate consumer connects and design agencies to align customer’s product to consumer requirements