About GCA

Connecting the world of compostables
About GCA admin April 22, 2022
GCA aims to pioneer change, by connecting providers and stakeholders in the compostable packaging industry; and help them to find strategic and creative sustainable solutions.

Post pandemic, sustainability has become a buzz word and consumers have become conscious towards packaging trends and have started to understand the adverse effects created by plastic packaging.

Both brands and consumers are actively seeking ways to reduce their environmental footprint and make eco-friendly transitions to more sustainable packaging methods. With the increasing consumer demand for compostable products, companies are developing eco-friendly packaging to satisfy their customers.

How do we do this?

We have a wide range of experience across materials science, innovation, supply chain management, impact investments and digitization. We leverage off our experience, and that of our partner network, to help in the commercialisation of compostable packaging through a wide-range of consulting services across each of these domains.


We have built a platform for the various stakeholders in the compostables packaging industry, which allows the industry to come together to exchange ideas, solve problems and network with each other, creating a ripple effect in helping scale the industry at a global level.

Some examples of how we solutionize

Providing data and expertise to enable responsible development , production and use of compostable products

Discovering and monitoring new innovations and matchmaking with right stakeholders in compostable packaging domain

Material selection for providers looking to switch to compostable alternatives replacing conventional packaging

As per the World Economic Forum, we will create 460M tons of plastic waste a year by 2030. Of this, only 16% can be recycled and a whooping 40% ends up   in  landfill

At GCA, we believe that our traces as humans should not have an adverse impact on our planet as there is no ' Planet B'.

Our planet has already become a dump yard of plastic with every year production of about 300 million tons of plastic waste being nearly equivalent to the weight of the entire human population and thus we are motivated to work with a moved methodology in tending for more profound effect in the area of compostable bundling and items.