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Fundraising admin April 22, 2022
Our vision
To support compostables packaging providers in their fundraising activities by helping raise cost-efficient capital and support them throughout the end-to-end fundraising process.
Compostable packaging market was valued at USD $48 Bn in 2020;and expected to grow at CAGR of 4% during 2022-32. It is expected to reach a value of USD $65 Bn by 2029.
Funding alert!

This bit of news popup has become a part of our daily routine but how often do we see this for companies in the compostable packaging industry? Compostable packaging companies have been around for more than two decades now but haven’t received traction in terms of funding. The industry has a great growth potential and GCA’s mission is to help entrepreneurs access the right kind of capital to support their growth.

What do we offer ?
Market research
Financial forecasting and valuations
Funding readiness
Due diligence
Why source deals through GCA?

Gain data-driven insights into the world of compostables packaging, through infographics and interactive dashboards, that enable investors to make sound investment decisions

ESG insights and rating mechanism to measure impact create through the capital

Updates on any new investment opportunities that fit your criteria

Chance to be a part of mock pitch sessions and accelerator demo day to interact directly with the founders

Reduced time and effort in due-diligence ensuring all fund seekers are vetted 

Some of our projects include
  • Support businesses in being fund-ready, including set up of industry-standard internal controls, undertaking appropriate market research activities, and preparation of pitch decks
  • Identify funding requirements through detailed analysis of business plan (as-is and future growth) and appropriate utilization of funds
  • Undertake financial forecasting and business valuation activities
  • Support customers in identifying the right investors and negotiations in term sheets